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«The Friends of the Museum of Ancient Eleutherna» is a non-profit Αssociation, established in 2016 by friends of the Museum, a few months after its official opening, whose aim is to offer moral and material support and assistance to the activities of the Museum of the Archaeological Site of Eleutherna and the excavations and scientific studies of the Research Centre.
The Friends contribute to such events as periodical exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, publications, educational activities. To achieve their goals, they collaborate with other associations, such as the «Mediterranean Archaeological Society».
The Association organizes activities in order to support the Museum, to promote its work and its aims, through donations, bequests, voluntary work, functions and fundraisers.

Council Board

President:                          Demetrios Kalaitzidakis
Vice President:                  Anastasios Papadourakis
Secretary:                          Marinela Stavrakaki – Mamalaki
Treasurer:                          Athanasios Masouras
Member:                             Panagiotis Kolovos
Alternate Member:            Eva Sifaki – Mpagiartaki, Maria Louloudi – Nikoloudaki


There are four categories of members, regular members, corresponding members (residing permanently abroad) honorary members and assisting members. Individuals or legal entities may become regular or corresponding members by submitting an application, to the Council Board, supported by two regular members.

The title of honorary member is bestowed by the Council Board, following the proposal of three of its members, upon persons who have offered significant moral or material support to the Association or directly to the Museum of Ancient Eleutherna, or individuals with a leading position in the state, the society or the scientific community who wish to contribute to the Association and the Museum.

The assisting members offer material support to the Association and are named by the Council Board, following the proposal of three of its members.

Further information can be obtained from
«The Friends of the Museum of Ancient Eleutherna» Office
14 Chatzichristou str, Athens 11742
T: +30 2130358884